I have built this site so that I can share with fellow anglers and fly tiers some of the tips and experience I have learned and am still learning. The site is non-profit making and all the contributors of the articles have done so of their own volition.

I have an accompanying You Tube channel that can help beginners’ get into fly tying. As time goes on I hope to add more content to the channel that will benefit the fly fishing community. Please feel free to visit the channel like and subscribe for new content every week. 

I have been fly fishing since being introduced to the sport in 1990 by Ronnie Christie who remains a good friend to this day. I, like many anglers who start to fly fish, learned on small still waters. I had never done any other type of fishing so was a blank canvas so to speak.
Having learned to cast a line, I was taken to Sweethope in Nothumberland to learn how to fish from a boat. After that I had my first trip to Rutland Water, where I am still a regular visitor. I have fished in the English Loch Style team three times and attended the National final on eight occasions. I still fish for the Soldier Palmers when selected and enjoy the banter of team fishing.

Graham Lumsdon got me into river fishing and although I am still learning, it gives me great enjoyment. I have been lucky and been able to fish around Europe, I have visited Slovenia, South of France and the Czech Republic in order to improve my skills on the river. Some of the scenery I have encountered is breath taking. 

I am a keen photographer and enjoy landscape photography mostly, I have also turned my hand to macro photography in order to display some of my fly tying efforts. There are various articles on the site please take some time and have a look around. I have started to do some product reviews in an effort to better inform anglers before parting with their hard earned money. I hope you find this informative and helpful.