11 Feb 2019 MagTrap from Magnet-ique Initial Thoughts

Fishermen/women, are we not absolute suckers for new gadgets, the latest fly tying stuff any new tackle for that matter? Well, I know I am and my garage is adorned with junk I have bought over the last twenty five years that promised to make my fishing life easier. Most of these so called revolutionary gadgets look good in the photos and the concept seems clever but at the end of the day they end up in the garage!


I was lucky to be at the BFFI over the last weekend tying on the Funky Stand and more than one angler came up to me asking if I had seen this MagTrap. Indeed, I had, a very slick promotional campaign had already been mounted on the social media platforms I subscribe to. I must be honest and say that I have seen similar things in the past that were just not fit for purpose and kind of dismissed the idea. A closer look though and some maniac attaching the flies I had just tied to the MagTrap and throwing it all over the show convinced me that it warranted a closer look.


I had very little time while the show was on but made a point of popping over to the Magnet-ique stand where I met Darrell Upton the co-founder of the company. We got to chatting and I was very impressed that he had designed the branding and brought the product to market. Interestingly this was not supposed to be the item that they were going to launch with, so other products maybe on the horizon!

"Interestingly this was not supposed to be the item that they were going to launch with, so other products maybe on the horizon!"

So, I picked one up it looked like a large key ring measuring 6cm in length and 2.5cm across. There are three parts to the Trap two rubber sections with strong magnets imbedded and a metal strip with a small carabiner attached. I assume that this could be used to hook onto a waistcoat, chest pack or even a jacket. For my money though, the best way to attach it is shown in the picture below. Its inobtrusive and does not get in the way at all. The price for this product is £16 that seems like a lot of money (to me anyway) but when you consider the number of applications for this and the amount of thought that has obviously gone into the product the price point is probably justifiable.


As I was packing up my kit at the BFFI, I had a number of flies I had tied and no box or bag to stick them in, I scooped them up with the magnet and threw the whole thing in my tying bag. When I unpacked it the next day all the flies were securely attached. It’s great for sitting on your vice to hold hooks if you don’t have the luxury of a hook well. I have also used it for just tidying up hooks lying on my desk. Its early days and it still must go through the rigours of a day on the river bank, but it does seem to hold a lot of promise. 


 I am looking forward to field testing this product and I will update the review in a few months’ time. You can check out their website here https://www.magnet-ique.com/index.html one to watch me thinks.