23 Feb 2018 Gunville Foam Cutter Set (Review)

Gunville Foam Cutter Set £9.99

I was sent a set of these cutters by Upavon Fly Fishing to try out. My usual port of call when it comes to booby eyes is the pre-cut tubes available from nearly every shop that sells fly tying materials. They are wholly adequate for purpose and save you a load of time cutting your own, so why the cutters I hear you say? Well you are restricted to what colours/materials/sizes are in the packets, no heart ache but I have bought tubes in the past that have been of very poor quality foam and they have ended up in the bin. With a set of cutters you can choose what you make your cylinders out of.  In the past I used to always cut my own cylinders I tried most things from bought for purpose cutters which were mostly to big or too small. I even had a go with an old car aerial which did a job but are pretty hard to come by now. 


These cutters are not a botch job they are machined for purpose and are very well made from stainless steel bar. I received a set of four that came in four sizes 2.8, 3.5, 5.0 and 7mm and they came in a small pack with a business card with care and maintenance information. Although you can use the cutters by hand and they will give you a reasonable cylinder where they excel is when used with an electric drill. Common sense needs to prevail though and drilling through your foam onto a hard surface will soon render the tools useless. I used an old bit of foam block under the foam I was cutting and this seemed to work well.


Foam blunts the blades eventually and they will need to be sharpened this is easily achieved by applying a little oil to a wet and placing the cutter in a drill and applying to the wet stone at a forty five degree angle. I thought they were perfect for the various different types of flies that I tie. The 7mm and 5mm are perfect for Stillwater boobies and the smaller 2.8mm and 3.5mm are ideal for detached body patterns. So in summary if you want to have options with your materials then these are a great investment that if used and maintained correctly they will give great service for many years.