25 May 2018 Solarez Ultra Thin Bone Dry (Review)

I visited Funky Flytying last month to work on a project with Toby Merigan. While working through the different flies we were going to showcase on the Funky Facebook page he mentioned using this Solarez stuff. I was a little sceptical as I have used most UV resins over a number of years and have kind of settled on Troutlines recipe. The others I have mostly found still a bit tacky after application or down the line the fly goes white.


One of the great features of the Solarez was the fact it comes with an application brush. Not only that but the brush is manufactured in such a way that the point is super fine. So, no more messing about with a needle trying to get just the right amount onto the area required. I just used the laser pen that I have used with other UV resins and it works a treat. I could really do with investing in one of those plug-in ones to be honest changing batteries all the time gets costly. It does cure in under ten seconds as claimed and dries rock solid and tac free.


The downside-ish is the price it's £20.00 a pop that makes me a bit skittish. If you add up the amount of Sally Hanson I have had to replace over the years though £20.00 seems like good value. Unless you are a commercial fly tyer then I would expect a bottle this size to last me at least a year. I would describe myself as a fairly regular tyer. If you are in the market for some resin you could do much worse than this stuff.