31 Aug 2019 Loch Insch

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While on the family holiday my good lady wife gave me a leave pass to go and visit my friend David Murray. It was about an hour and fifteen minutes away and the plan was for the whole family to head over that way and drop me off. The day before had been a big day though and the kids were not so keen! Jayne the utter legend that she is, said she would run me over and pick me up that evening. The fishery was easy enough to find and driving over the scenery was fantastic.


The fishery was once a roaring success but had been a little neglected over the previous few years. David though knew the potential of the fishery and has worked incredibly hard to bring it up to what it is today. A joint ventyre with his Auntie and Uncle, there are still exciting plans ahead with a planned shop in the fishing hut that will be run by the huge prestigious brand Loop. The fishery itself consists of three lochs all a fair size and David has stocked with Rainbow and Blue trout to 20lb. The day I visited one lucky angler caught a Rainbow estimated at 16lb. When we arrived, David gave Jayne and I a short tour of the venue. It was already fairly busy with a dozen or so anglers fishing away. The lochs' have 18 aerators fitted throughout based on the ones used at Rutland water. This keeps the water well oxyginated to ensure a healthy enviroment for the fish.


The passion David has for the place is evident and infectious it was not long before I was gagging at the bit to give it a go. After a quick cuppa and a farewell to Jayne I was soon tackled up and ready to go. Conditions looked perfect, David started me off in the loch nearest the hut and I had not made more than half a dozen casts before bending into my first Insch fish of the day. A strong hard fighting Rainbow around the 2lb mark. David had to get on though and was soon busy attending to more anglers that were turning up to the lodge.


I carried on fishing and now left in peace and concentrating on the task at hand the fish were coming steady away and at one point it was difficult to get my flies back without some response from the trout. I decided to move on as I did not want to hog the peg, I moved around the loch about 40 meters or so and was immediately into fish again. David had told me to bring an intermediate line with me but it was not really needed. The floater was doing a grand job, I had not taken many stillwater flies with me but the small cormorant and a couple of small hare’s ear patterns were going well.


As I moved around the banks I got chatting to another angler that was also doing pretty well. He regaled me with the tale of a Blue trout he had just captured and the incredible fight it had given him. David would pop over and see me occasionally to see how I was getting on but he is a busy man and there was lots for him to be getting on with. The fishery was well attended with plenty of customers coming through the gates. David said that the fishing had been affected by the recent heat. I pondered this for a moment having only been fishing a couple of hours and twelve fish to the good. What must it be like when its on top form, mind boggling!


A stop for lunch was in order and David had rustled me up a steak baguette very tasty. We chatted for a while and had a craik on about some of the days we have spent afloat together. David is an accomplished angler and has previously been the English National Loch Style Champion, so he knows his business. I spent the late afternoon and evening wandering the banks of the three lochs the fishing had slowed a little in the late afternoon. The evening rise which I had been really excited about did not really get going despite this I did try with a dry but after twenty minutes or so I turned back to some small river streamers I had brought. Very effective, and sport was resumed.


As the day was drawing to a close I packed up and had a brew with David before calling it a day. David is working incredibly hard to make this one of Scotland’s finest fisheries and he has made huge steps in the right direction. There are strict rules when you take the catch and release ticket which David enforces when he can, that ensures the fish survival rate is high. If you are unsure how fish should be released I am sure David would be more than happy to set you right. The only downside for me is the 1000 mile around trip from Surrey is a bit of a bummer! Some details of the opening times and fishery tickets can be found below, as well as a link to the FB page. A website is in the not to distant future.

 Gates open 8:30am
Fishing from 9am
Gates closed at 10:30pm

4 Fish @ £32
3 Fish @ £28
2 Fish @ £24

Full day C&R £20
Up to 5 hours £14

Age 12-15 £5 C&R accompanied by a full price adult. 

Age 11 and under £free, accompanied by a full price adult. 

No Snakes or Boobies

Barbless or debarbed hooks on C@R 

All fish over 8lb to be returned 

If you are looking for a day out in the North of Scotland look no further, go to Loch Insch!