A visit to the work ponds 01 Mar 2012

I am in the process of teaching one of my work colleagues to fish. To that end I have joined the Trout Fishing Club at work we have several ponds and one big lake on site that you can boat fish if you like. I was also itching to try my rods they were recently refurbished for me by my good friend James Gardner, they are both over ten years old and were showing their age. I was delighted when I got them back and both look brand new. Anyway once we got set up we drove down to what is known as the bathing lake (I don’t know why it looks filthy) the place was due for its’ first stocking today unfortunately for my mucker it was to be later in the day. I had three fish in fairly short order but my pal was struggling due to the casting range required to reach the resident fish. We spent what was left of the lunch hour working on gaining some distance (all the fish seemed to be right in the middle of the lake so very long casts were needed to reach what fish there were). It always amazes me how my own casting improves when I am showing someone else. I think it is probably because I am taking more care to explain the mechanics of the thing. I have so many bad habits that breaking down someone else’s faults helps to highlight the faults that I have.
I am off to Wherwell tomorrow to say goodbye to the Grayling for the year……..really looking forward to it.