AIRFLO's new sink tips Reviewed!

This video reviews the following Airflo lines. These normally retail at £69.99 but can be picked up on offer at £49.99 at the time of publishing this video. 1, Superflo 12' Intermediate tip it has a 51' head @210 Grain 2, Superflo 6' Slow Intermediate tip it has 51' head @210 Grain 3, Superflo 6' Fast Intermediate tip it has 51' head @210 Grain All lines were put through two rods a Wychwood RS Comp Special which I would describe as a fast action rod. The other rod was an Orvis Helios which is more middle to tip. I have no affiliation to Airflo and this review is entirely my opinion. No children were bribed with money in the making of this video!

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