An Afternoon Euro Nymphing on the Nadder Nr Wilton VLOG Ep 4 17 June 2020

In this episode of the Vlog I concentrate my efforts on fishing the Nymph using the popular Euro Nymphing technique in the video I explain My tackle and how I have set up. The Nadder is the largest of the Avon tributaries, rising at Donhead St Mary and flowing through some picturesque countryside in Wiltshire as it makes its way through the peaceful meadows and the town of Wilton. The river Nadder is 22 miles long and grows in size joining the Wylye for the last couple of miles before the combined rivers join the Avon near at Salisbury. There is a good stock of wild Trout and Grayling. At the top of the beat there is an attractive hatch pool which has seen some larger fish caught. It is one of the few waters associated with the Salisbury & District club that allows nymph fishing before the 01 Jul.

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