Andrew’s Scruffy Dubbing

Usually before reviewing a product,  I like to play with it for a wee while to get a feel for the quality and its adaptability. When I opened my purchase from Troutstalker, I was pleased to see some interesting new blends of dubbing.


We have all done it: pinches of this, some of that, throw it in a coffee grinder and low and behold you have a secret dubbing. This has worked well enough for me in the past but recreating it now there is a challenge.  Andrew’s Scruffy Dubbing is a custom blend of various materials: rabbit, hare, squirrel and a few other bits and bobs. It looked great in the fairly generous packets and at £2.95 a packet, it’s probably on the money.


I ordered five packs: Appleby Olive, Sooty Olive, Golden Olive, Scruffy Buzzer and Highland Peat. One of the things that immediately appealed to me was the fact that you can buy it in individual packs so if you find one you like you can simply purchase that. In the past I have seen myself buying selection packs just to get my hands on one or two dubbings.  Not the most economical way to build a fly tying kit! The dubbing, it’s just right. I know that’s not particularly helpful but it’s difficult to explain in words. It dubs onto untreated thread with no problem. You can work it hard and get a flat ribbed type body or dub it on lightly to give that spikey scruffy look that is so popular with the fish.

I tied a number of different flies and I was very pleased with the look I got from the dubbing. It’s difficult to tell from the photographs but the material also has hidden talents to offer. When exposed to UV light a few of the fibres light up giving a vibrant and pleasing effect. I am not about to throw the rest of my dubbing in the bucket but this stuff is mightily impressive and I dare say I will be adding the rest of the range to my tying  kit. I dare you to buy a packet and not like it!