AWAI Final Grafham Water 9-10 May 2014

The AWAI Individual Final, I was looking forward to this Grafham had been fishing its head off for weeks. I should have known after Jamie had called me in the week asking if I had seen the weather forecast. I hadn’t and assumed it’s hardly ever right anyway, for once it was bang on and the flags stood out from their poles at a ninety-degree angle. We were told we would only be allowed to fish in on the left-hand side of the boat dock. Not too bad still lots of water to go at and my hopes were raised significantly when Jamie hooked into this bad boy! That’s all I have to say about that day other than its six hours of my life I will never get back………

The match day dawned and was it any better …….no was it sh**e. It was blowing a hooley.  The only glimmer was that we were allowed to fish the North Shore, much of the fleet decided to hack it out for a while at least. As we settled into our drift I saw a couple of fish being taken, it was on and after a couple of drifts, I had two in the boat. My partner had missed a take on the surface, but the wind was getting worse. After a good hour and a half, we decided to cut our losses and head over to the lea bank. I videoed the trip over but the language on the video was rather choice so I decided not to show it here. I was already two fish to the good and thought I might be able to grizzle out a few more. I could see the very odd fish being taken. It was tough going but another two fish did come and I dropped one. Unfortunately, my boat partner who had stayed out to 7pm the previous day and fished hard all match day did not even get an offer. Really tough fishing and the boys that managed their eight I take my hat off to you.