Catch up with fishing buddies 14 Feb 2013

A little belated write up but I have been away for the half term with a very welcome break to Cyprus with the Clan. It was nice to see the sun again something that has been sorely lacking in this country for far too long. The day before I left I had arranged to meet up with two of my fishing buddies that I see far too infrequently. Andy lives in Norway now and days to the river need to be planned around events. Graham, moves around a fair bit so the chance for us to get together are few.


Graham and Andy had managed to get out the Afternoon before in what they described as pretty tough conditions, the truth be known it was Baltic with freezing temperatures’ a cutting wind and a mix of rain and snow. That aside they managed a half decent day both taking good numbers of fish. I turned up on the morning of the 14th and at long last, the weather was in our favor with kind mild conditions. I had set my rod up in the house the night before not fancying putting it all together in the freezing cold so after throwing the waders on I was ready to go. No Graham or Andy though. Not to worry a quick fish in front of the lodge saw five Grayling come swiftly to the net. I had forgotten my magnifying glasses and cannot tie flies on without them so I tootled back to the car to be greeted with Grahams camper van coming down the road. We had a chat and a catch up before going our separate ways for a spot of fishing. I bounced around some of my favorite spots for most of the morning for 21 Grayling, a good mornings work and in the sunshine,  I don’t think I would have rather been anywhere else. We all met up for some lunch and a chat of the mornings fishing. It seemed like the upstream part of the fishery had not produced many fish.


I fish at Wherewell a fair bit and would say that as the day progresses the fishing gets better, so I was really looking forward to the afternoon session. I thought I may try some of the areas that are fished less and can produce some bigger fish. The fish, however, were having other ideas and the fishing was tough I had managed only three more fish to my tally when I bumped into Graham. Graham is one of the best anglers I know and when he told me that he had not had a Grayling to the net I was rather taken aback. We decided to walk down the river and see if we could find Andy, we found him walking back up and he had been doing OK but we were all ready to call it a day.


Both the guys were fishing the Southern qualifier on Saturday, so I wished them both luck and went on my way to pack for Cyprus. It was fairly late on the Saturday night when I received the text, both Andy and Graham had qualified. Paul Lee who also fished made the 1st reserve slot so time will tell if he gets a slot in the final.

The results bore out how tough the fishing was with five blanks recorded by five anglers. The year before I believe everyone caught at least one fish.