Deep Buzzer Fly Fishing on Stillwaters

With the weather being what it is many fisheries fly fishing sport will be drying up fast! No doubt trout flies will be sifted through by anglers looking for something to work. When it’s as hot as it has been lately, and it has been pure melting we are not alone in our suffering the trout don’t like it much either and will seek out the deeper thermoclines for comfort. As if fly fishing wasn’t difficult enough!


So there are a couple of things you can try get on the fastest sinker you own and stand by for a day of hard work and a sore shoulder. The alternative is much more pleasant, how about a bit of deep buzzer fishing? This can be most effective and I have known guys fish buzzers on a DI7 to great effect. It’s not for me though I would much rather fish on a long midge tip with some special flies to get the depth.

Competition rules state no added weight, but there is an alternative to this, tying up your fly fishing flies on Carp Hooks.


I know some of you have just fell off your chair or spat on the carpet, but buckle up cup cake and get yourself down to the local course fishing shop. I just picked up a packet of ten meat hooks for £1.99. In comparison to a normal buzzer it has the appearance of Godzilla but this is on a size #6.

So break out the fly tying vice, preferably in an air conditioned room and start whittling it might just save your day. Don’t forget plenty fluid and lots of sun screen, unless your Scottish or/and Ginger then you’re going to need a balaclava and a boiler suit!