Farewell to the ladies 02 Mar 2012

The last hooray, well I have had a great Grayling season this year but alas this was my last day. My usual fishing buddies were either out the country or busy with work so I booked the one slot on Wherwell. When I arrived, it was a foggy cold morning, Robbie had said that there were only another four anglers on the water, so there was going to be plenty of room. I set up my two weight with a duo rig and headed downstream. I was fishing my new parrot bug coupled with a parachute Adams dry fly. The bug was a size 16 and although I have never fished this fly before I was convinced it would do well it has all the attributes that make for a great fly. I had just passed the second weir and decided to have a couple of casts, I could see Robbie had been busy with the tractor and many new features had been dug. After just two or three casts I was into my first Grayling of the day a nice fish


around the 25cm mark. After safely returning the fish I moved downstream, I did not want to go all the way to the bottom of the river so stopped just before you turn the sharp right by the bridge. I prefer to get into the water to fish and fish from the opposite bank down, I fished the left-hand carrier looking upstream. The sport was not fast a furious but steady away and by the time the first of the other anglers had worked their way up to me I had taken 16 Grayling and 3 Brown Trout. Most of the Grayling were small most less than 20cm and some even smaller than 15cm. This year I would say that the average size of fish2 has been between 25 and 30cm so this was a little disappointing. I worked my way upstream coming across big shoals of Grayling taking a few and moving up. By the time my stomach told me to go and eat I had had 33 fish 4 of which were Brown Trout. I was fairly pleased as usually, the afternoon fishes much better as the sun has warmed the place up a bit. After a quick bite to eat I went back to where I had finished and began to fish. The very first cast I hooked a large Brown Trout and did not think my tackle was going to stand the test. After a spirited fight, the fish came into the net, it was a cracking fish just a month too early! I fished for another three hours for only 7 more fish so my season ended with a whimper rather than with a roar, but what a season.