Farewell to the Loch Style 2012

Well, the end of my Loch Style season took place at the weekend with the final match of the AMFC (Affiliation of Major Fishing Clubs). Prior to this, I fished the Interservice match with my teammates up at Rutland.  I can sum this up in one-word TOUGH the fishing was as hard as it gets, not an enjoyable three days fishing but we got the result. Both the Army

 Interservice team and the Army Old Lags were victorious on the day. For the first time, all the teams stayed for an evening meal and presentation. It was a very well organised and enjoyable event, but the fishing could have been better. Left Lindsay Simpson and Tug Lawson being presented the prize for winning Old Lags.


 In complete contrast Grafham is on fire, Jamie had ventured out with David for a day’s fishing prior to the rest of the squad turning up on Friday. He met up with us in the lodge on Friday morning to report we were in for a treat the place was alive with fish. With Cheshire cat style grins, we all tackled up and headed out. I was fishing with Mick Angel who was almost immediately into fish over by G bouy. I soon joined the party after changing my leader after nearly every fish, by about twelve o’clock we bumped into the other guys who were not having a great time one or two fish but not the bumper sport Mick and I had enjoyed. The weather was windy and cold and we came back to the lodge for a welcome hot brew and a chat. After the lunch break, we ventured back out to explore Savages and the north shore. Mick and I had found very little but Andy and Rob were pulling fish out hand over fist. I went in about 1630hrs as Mick had to make the two-hour drive home, I did not mind gave me some time to square some admin away.


The business for the Grp 2 team at least had been concluded at Bewl the previous month so today’s match brought no pressure. We all just wanted to go out and catch a few fish, as I sat in my boat awaiting my boat partner the time was edging closer to kick off and still no boat partner! As the boats made their way out to the harbour area I could see another angler sat in a boat by himself. I had gotten into the wrong boat, plonker! Mike kindly agreed to move into my boat as I had set all my kit up on the engine and we were off, although a little behind the rest of the fleet.  Before I had even got my line wet I watched Mick Angel land his first fish what was to be a cracking Brownie but not the best Brownie of the day. As I looked around again he was playing another. The wind was difficult but once you got the drift right the fish started to come. It was not as quick as I thought it was going to be, this was due to boat pressure as the fish were in very shallow water and the number of boats passing over them was considerable.  I had two in the boat and had dropped a couple, but it had gone rather quiet. A bank angler had moved into the area we were taking fish and the boats moved to other areas. I kept my eye on him and he fished for about half an hour before moving off. We were in like Flynn, I had changed to a single blob on a DI3 sweep the method Andy had so much success on the day before. I have never changed to a method and had so much success so quickly. Within 15 minutes I had increased my total to six and this included dropping two. Twelve O’clock and on six I was feeling pretty pleased with myself. Rob Jackson had moved into the area and had seven fish in his bag all of them coming within 45 minutes of the start of the match, good angling! My boat partner and I had take after take and lost many fish, I was starting to get a bit irate, to say the least. A change of scenery was needed so we ventured over to the Dam, again fish seemed to come easily enough they seemed to go just as easily. My boat partner was suffering the same pain, although he did manage to boat another couple of fish and was getting much more action deeper down. At long last one of the fish hung on and I managed to get it in the net.


Surely, I could not fail to get my last one. My partner netted another, at 1715hrs I decided a change to the trusty DI7 and a single booby was called for this has pulled me out the fire more times than I care to remember. First cast fish on, fish off bugger bugger bugger, time was running out next drift and the line tightens up again. Would this be the one…….. 30 seconds later it's being bashed across the head, job done. I had shouted across to Graham Pearson who was also waiting on one, after a little deliberation he changed and got his last one two casts later.

 When we got back to the harbour I was delighted to find Mick Angel had bagged as had Paul Lee, Andy had gone lump hunting and had caught six good quality fish. A great way to end a great season for the Soldier Palmers. The Grayling season kick off for me this week with three days on the Itchen, canna wait.