Flexible Tungsten Shrimp Bodies from the Fly Tying Boutique 28 Sep 2017

I spotted these on one of the marketing emails that regularly hit my inbox. I like the weight that this shape of tungsten gives a fly but am not keen working with them as the profile never quite works for me. Phil Holding from the Fly Tying Boutique often brings new and innovative products to the market, this is what the website write up on the product states.


“Originating from Germany and imported by Chevron Hackles comes this amazing material - "FLEXIBLE TUNGSTEN" SHRIMP BODIES.

These bodies allows easy placement and fixing onto your hook as the material "gives" - it is flexible and can mold to the shape of the hook.

The easiest method is to place the shrimp back onto a curved hook and add a dab of superglue then add colour if required.

Alternatively, fix onto the hook shank and then tie your fly over the body.
The material can also be cut to size if required - and of course adds weight!
Available in a dull grey - the material can be coloured by first coating with a white Zig paint pen then coloured as required.

2 MM - £7.40 2.5 MM - £ 7.40 3 MM - £ 7.95”

Getting weight on to flies has long been a pain in the arse for anglers wishing to get there flies down in high water or for searching out deeper pools. There are lots of solutions available to fly fishermen and fly tyers now and this may well be another string to the bow. Phil sent me the variety pack that came with various different shapes for a whole variety of flies, I have yet to work out what to do with some of them. With the Grayling season knocking on the door the shrimp bodies seem to be of the most use. 

The shrimp body in picture 1 weighed .48 gram which is pretty reasonable for the size the solid version of a similar size came in at .59 so there is a little sacrifice on weight. But the trade-off is worth it in my opinion as the weight sits much neater on the hook. The other thing I liked about the material was once in position on the hook I was able to trim with some old scissors to get the shape I wanted. Once trimmed to the desired size a layer of thread went down easily over the body and it sat really nicely on the hook.


On the whole I like the idea and it has been well executed, its not going to replace tungsten beads, shell backs or cones but it will have its place for certain patterns. Much easier to work with than the hard unforgiving tungsten bodies, off course like all fly tying products it won’t be for everyone.  I would suggest that the next time you are after some bits and bobs for the tying room just get a packet and decide for yourself.