Fly Fishing Bonanza on Killer Shrimp at Grafham Water

Tackling one of the large midlands reservoirs can be a little intimidating so there is nothing better than getting an expert on board. It did not take much persuasion to get professional fly fishing guide Tim Joyce to come up to Grafham on his day off no less! Tim agreed to show me some of his favourite marks and how to set up to take on the the trout now turning hard onto the shrimp to bulk up in time for winter coming. The banks were already busy and it was great to bump into Simon Lehane and Chris Bobby also looking to capitalise on the outstanding sport Grafham has to offer at this time of year. I have to say I have fished all the Anglian Waters this year and despite the late start to the season they have done a phenomenal job. They have not only kept us safe with excellent procedures to comply with social distancing but the quality of fishing has been outstanding. If you have yet to visit one of these fisheries I would heartily recommend you do. Visit Tim's website Royalty Free Music

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