Greys Strata Hoodie 16 Jul 2017

RRP £39.99

Sale Price £19.99 @ Yorkshire Game Angling

I have been called many thing over the years, but a dedicated follower of fashion is not one of those things! The folks at Yorkshire Game Angling sent me one of the Greys Strata Hoodies to try out. The kids fell about when I told them I had gotten a hoodie, anyway to the point. This is what the website description says.

“Relax after a good day’s fishing in this comfortable, cosy hoody in super-soft heavy brushed back jersey. The lined hood features a cool red trim and extra wide drawcord.”


I have owned several Items of Greys clothing including soft shell jackets, shirts and various caps. In short I quite like their stuff, its reasonably priced and of good quality. In my humble opinion if you stuck a Simms badge on some of the stuff it would be three times the price! The hoodie I was sent was a size L (no fat jokes please) there was plenty of room for my ample frame as well as several base layers. The hood is lined with a red trim and has an extra wide draw cord. It has no front zip and is worn by pullover style and made from 100% cotton. It feels like good quality and close inspection of the stitching showed that attention to detail and quality were shown in its construction. When wearing it the hoodie feels light yet still warm due to the heavy brushed cotton on the inside. If you were to wear this while fishing early morning or as the sun goes down it would keep you warm and not impede your casting.

It’s not all good news though I have a bug bear with the way in which the logo is printed onto the garment. I have fallen foul of this with a shirt where the iron caught the logo and effectively ruined the shirt. Some would say read the label and don’t iron the logo dumb ass! Would it not be much better to just embroider the logo into the garment? The other annoying thing is the instruction not to tumble dry. If I am doing the laundry and the weather is inclement everything goes in the tumble dryer, even my wife has come to accept this as the norm.

Pernickety points I know and it maybe just me but if you are a careful individual who looks after their clothes this comfortable, cosy hoody could well be just the ticket for you. The price that Yorkshire Game Angling are knocking it out for to be quite frank it would be rude not to pick one up. I think it’s going to see a lot of use come those cold winter Grayling days when the pain in your freezing cold ears bites, pulling the hood up over your cap will be bliss.