How to set up and fish Deadly Duo, Dry Dropper, Klink and Dink

Duo fishing might well be frowned upon by many as not fishing the dry fly nor the nymph correctly. Technically they would be correct but, I have fished this method for years and have caught an awful lot of fish doing so. I like to think I am open to any method of fly fishing and am not blinkered to just fishing upstream dry fly or swinging wets. There are so many different techniques out there and I think each has its place. The time for snobbery in fly fishing is over if we want to get youngsters into the sport then we need to make it easier. Getting them to catch fish when they go fishing is the first step. This method naturally lends itself to beginners. Its visual and can be really exciting on its day. Please give it a go and if you have youngsters getting into the sport then this is a great starting point. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, I would love to hear your opinion on the method. Cast carrier as viewed in the video Royalty Free Music

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