Jig Hooks Demmon Competition ST 320 19 Jun 2017

I've been using jig hooks for the best part of 10 years. You can use any bead on a jig hook. If you use a countersunk bead on a jig hook, it will not fish like a standard straight eye hook, what you will find is the shape of the jig hook is designed to fish/swim head down and hook bend up, and won’t be dictated by the style of the bead. From my own experience slotted do look much better on the hook though.


When I was sent this range of hooks to try there was a small packet of Jig Off Tungsten Beads. I am not the sharpest tool in the box but I assumed that Lucian wanted me to try them in tandem. I tied up a couple of simple patterns a small red tag a little scruffy hairs ear pattern. Fairly generic stuff but I was fairly confident that they would catch fish. At the end of the day I was only interested in their ability to hold fish.

They are very similar to what I currently use but are considerably less expensive. Before they even made the water my first observation was that the Jig Off Tungsten Beads slightly obscured the eye on the #14 that I was using it gave an overall weight of .35g. A similar fly that I had tied using a slotted bead came in at .36g so the difference was negligible. The slotted bead however did not cover any part of the hook eye. This is essential when you are an old fart like me!


Will they catch and hold fish? I have found that I get good conversion rates when fishing with Jig hooks. The only thing that comes near them for holding fish is the Tiemco SP-BL which is fantastic but not cheap. I think the last of the ones I own are decorating the tree line on the river Avon. Anyway they are a completely different profile and I have digressed. These Jig Hooks are great for small patterns and I would use them with confidence. For certain patterns that I need to add maybe two coverings of Tungsten wire to the shank the Hanak Jig Superb cannot be bettered in my humble opinion. The STS 920s in size #20 are the smallest I have come across and ideal for tying up those tiny nymphs that score so well on the chalk streams. I would have no hesitation in tying up some of my tried and tested patterns on these hooks. These hooks are fantastic value for money and I shall certainly be getting some more before I start fishing for Grayling in earnest in October.


There is so much choice for fly tiers in regards hooks that it can be bewildering at times. Personally, I think that getting the right hooks is every bit as important as the correct tippet and fly rod. If you want to make savings on your gear I would suggest that it is not done at the bit where the fish are! They can be bought from Troutline.ro.