New FNF Jelly Fritz

If you are an avid fly tyer I doubt you have not heard the name ‘Jelly Fritz’. This is a material that hit the market last year from Frozen North Fly Fishing. I purchased several packets of the jelly fritz after being sent a sample to try out. The colours were very vibrant and the material was limp and when wet slimmed right down. In short I really liked it and bought the usual suspects colour wise.


Roll on 2017 I get a message from Kevin Porteous, New Jelly! Thinner fibre, narrower. Adjusted how it sits in the core with a clearer fibre. More translucent allowing brighter colours and allowing light to flush through. A softer fibre that is easier to tie with and softer to the touch, a big development with new technology allowing us to create it. A big claim but would it stand up, it arrived sharpish unfortunately I was really busy and after the quickest of glances my initial thoughts were it looked the same as the original. When I eventually found a bit of time I got it out the packet and compared it like for like with the original. To the naked eye, it looked identical and I thought Kevin had pulled a fast one. It’s when you touch the material that you can immediately feel the difference. The fibres are much softer in the hand and produce a much sleeker fly.


I have now tied in excess of thirty flies with this material and it is a joy to use. I have been very pleased with the flies and
they scored well for me on my recent trip to Rutland water. The two flies on the stone one is simply a tequila blob and the other is a FAB. Now the point I am trying to make (badly) is that this material gives a great profile to the fly. When I first showed it to folks they did not even realise it was a FAB. As the material is not yet ready for general release I do not know the retail price although I would imagine that it will come in around the same price as normal Jelly £3.00 a packet. This is comparable with fritz from other manufacturers.

Being a big fan of the original jelly and not to mention the fact I am already heavily invested in the original my boxes being full of flies tied with it. I am a more than a little perplexed, the new stuff really is a big leap forward and is simply the best fritz I have ever used. That does not mean that I will be getting rid of my old stock anytime soon. When the popular colours start to run down though this is what I will be replacing it with!


You can check out the other products from FNF at their website