Review of the Airflo BLITZ Fly Rod 10’ for a #7

Review of the Airflo BLITZ Fly Rod 10’ for a #7

Price Tag £450.00

What the manufacturers say about the rod.

When designing the ultimate UK Stillwater rod, we realised the ever-changing demands of our tactics meant that no single rod could ever be perfect for dry fly and then set hooks 20’ down on a Di7. The result is a pragmatic approach, working with the UK’s leading rod manufacturer; we've have designed two rods that cover all the options, enter the Airflo Blitz Fly Rod.

The 10’ 7# is ultra sweet and loads quickly for covering rising fish and has a tip capable of protecting even the finest of tippets – this is THE top of the water rod.

The 10’ 8# has a smoother action than most of its competitors and is incredible for all pulling techniques from bombing a 40+ Fast Glass out to the horizon, to setting fish at depth on a Di8 Competitor fly line. Both fly rods are made of high modulus carbon, are 4 pieces, ultra lightweight and have super tight over lock ferrules that are so smooth, they feel like a one-piece rod.

I was given the opportunity through our sponsors John Norris to try the new BLITZ rod from Airflo. I usually fish with an Orvis Helios so my first impression was that it was a little on the heavy side. My fellow teammates from the Veterans who used the rod thought it was a good deal lighter than their usual rods. The finish of the rod was of a good standard the cork on the handle was of a grade that you would expect from a £450 fishing rod. It came in a no-frills Cordura covered tube that was fit for purpose.

Casting with this rod was easy; it loaded the DI3 and Fast Glass lines quickly and delivered an effortless cast. Once fishing with the rod I barely noticed the difference with the weight. Where this rod really excels is playing fish, once hooked fish were brought to the boat swiftly with this stiff-backed rod a must for any comp angler. It reminded me a lot of my old G Loomis GLX in that regard. As for cushioning the finest tippets, I am not so sure and the day I used it I was fishing 9.4lb fluorocarbon which caused no problems. Any lighter and I would have a niggling feeling that this rod may snap up on the strike.

With a £450 price tag this rod would be in the same bracket as the G Loomis Pro coming in at £419 for the same length and weight. The Sage Accel rod comes in at fifty quid over that at £499. It’s hard to see where this rod will fit into an already over-saturated market. The bottom line is it’s a solid rod and ideal for the competition minded angler but the price may put some off with others looking to the more prestigious brands, Time will tell.