River Avon (SDFW) 04 Sep 2017

I have been doing a fair bit of fishing on the river but the sessions have been short usually a couple of hours after a works meeting. With major IT overhauls at work I had the opportunity for a couple of full days on the river with two reel gents!


My first day was to be spent on the Services stretch of the Avon a great club that sees little pressure. My host for the day was Ian Pinder who has recently joined the club keen to follow in the footsteps of Frank Sawyer and Adam Sinclair ;-). I don’t know the water really well but have fished it on a few different occasions. We decided to start at a familiar area ‘C’ Crossing, opting to start at the very bottom of the beat. The river is as low as I have ever seen it and very weedy. When we arrived Ian set off ahead of me and while I was setting up I watched as he netted his first grayling of the day. I had slipped into the water intending to give him ten minutes to move up a bit. I couldn’t resist flicking my nymphs across the river though and was rewarded with a few small grayling. It was going to be good! Ian had made some distance and I heard the whoop of joy as he netted his first Brown trout of the day he was fishing well and more soon followed. Coming up behind was still providing plenty of sport the grayling are much more forgiving and even after being walked through they are not long in coming back on.

As we moved up the rain drizzled a little, what we would call smaw rain in Scotland. When the fish are pulling back though you hardly even notice….lol. I had moved ahead of the Brownie catching machine that Ian had become in search of some trout of my own. It’s so hard to walk past rising Grayling though, I stopped to target some awkwardly lying fish and cursed as I lost more than one fly in the trees. After re-rigging I was livid with myself when the very first cast wrapped itself around a barbed wire fence behind me. As trudged angrily towards the offending fence I failed to notice the large log placed to help with flow. You guessed it, as my shin hit the log with a crack over I went only saving myself from face planting into the river with my outstretched left hand. I was up quickly well as quick as I get up nowadays. Looking round for any witnesses to the unfortunate incident, Graham Lumsdon would have taken great delight and probably a photograph!  


Only a little wet we went for a quick bite to eat and a change of location. Ian wanted to show me a bit of the river he had visited the previous day. It was located right next to a large designated parking spot. We strolled past some cracking looking water and I felt a little drool slip down my chin at the prospect of fishing it. Ian however marched me up to a bend in the river where there was a deep hole. The depths could not be seen but I knew it was deep, I tackled it with a duo for a bit and took some small fish. It dawned on me that I was missing out so on went some heavy bugs and things got a bit more interesting. The pool held several good fish decent Brown trout and Grayling soon visited my waiting net, great fun! 


The day was wearing on though and conscious of the time we decided to head back up stopping for a quick dabble here and there. Ian had met a fellow angler the day before that spoke of another deep hole and although I should have been making tracks I couldn’t resist a wee look. It was a stretch of about twenty feet that was maybe five foot deep and holding some nice fish. I managed one of the better fish but it was time to get on the road. Many thanks to Ian for a great day with plenty fish and plenty laughs.