River Avon (Services Dry Fly Fishing) 27 Oct 2016

I would not normally take the time to make an entry for such a short session, but on this occasion it was so good I thought to give it a short mention. Ben Worley has been trying to tie down a day on the Avon for some weeks but with a new addition to the family it’s not been easy. Despite having not sorted out my kit to go to Draycote the next day the opportunity to get back on the Services water was too much to resist. Off course I could have gone to purgatory (Thorpe Park) with the family but I would have rather tried to fit a small elastic band around a Doberman’s nuts! So a bit of a no brainer really.


Being a creature of habit I came down early to make a cup of coffee for the trip only to find that I could not find my thermos cup. Not a problem will pick up a hot brew from the local golden arches, shut for refurbishment. Oh well at least I will get a brew and an egg, sausage and cheese bagel from the Solstice services, eh no, shut for a till upgrade FFS. In desperation I went to cost a packet and was duly ripped off,  a cup of coffee and a toasty not much change from a tenner. My mood was getting darker by the minute.


I had arranged to meet Ben at ‘C’ Crossing and my spirits were immediately lifted when I looked over the bridge at the river. It was as low as I have ever seen it but crystal clear and there seemed to be the odd fish about. Ben arrived looking a little knackered, a new baby will do that for you. I handed over a few flies I had whittled up for him and suggested that he set up his rod for Duo. We made our way down to the very bottom of the beat to find a gentleman from the environment agency preparing to start work on enhancing the river. He said he would be a while so we slipped into the river, I stood on Bens shoulder explaining how to cover the water in front of him. A lifelong angler he was all over it like a fat kid on chocolate. After a quick half dozen good Grayling I wanted to show him how to double nymph. I broke out the 11’ rod which I had set up with a couple of light bugs. Thankfully the fish joined in and I could not get my flies back without a grayling attached. It can take a bit of time to get into double nymphing but Ben took straight to it. I had moved of to fish myself and glanced back to watch Ben catching fish after fish from a seemingly very small hole. I had only moved up the river forty feet but was still catching steady away. All to soon the agency man sparked up his chainsaw a little upstream of us and it was time to move.


What an absolutely blinding start to the day, it could not carry on in the same vein and although it was still great it did slow down a bit. We worked our way back up towards the crossing. Ben had gotten a little pre-occupied sight fishing for a large fish just below the big house on the opposite bank. I had moved up directly opposite the house, I don’t usually fish here as they have a couple of Labradors that stand on the opposite bank barking like there’s no tomorrow. Today however they were nowhere to be seen. I saw a few fish sitting in about a foot of water and began catching them. Surprisingly there were many more fish than could be seen and they were most obliging. Fish after fish came it was quite remarkable, I know this section was good but this was something else. The fish were anywhere between 25-35cm. I beckoned Ben up and told him to cast into the run I had been fishing, first cast and he was straight in. It was a lump of a Grayling and would have been near the 40cm mark, sitting in little more than a foot of water.

By the time we had returned to the car it was 1400hrs, it had been an exceptional session. I have never known any river to fish like that. Fish were tripping over themselves to take our offerings. Ben was keen to get home to his young family and I had to get back and try and find some reservoir kit. Three days at Draycote beckoned and the forecast looked very promising.