River Avon (West Amesbury) 06 Sep 2017

It had been ages since I had a catch up with Adam Stafford, a busy job and a busy dad has kept him tied up so it was great that he could make time to come down to the Avon for the day. Adam tackled up with a French leader which I thought may not be the way to go considering the river levels and weed. I wandered down with my rod in opting to set up by the water. I took Adam straight to the wading section and set him off amidst several small grayling rising in the foot or so of water. He was into fish in no time and every time I glanced in his direction he seemed to be playing a fish. I feverishly tied on my fly hoping to be not far behind him. As I drew near he was in again to some pretty decent perch he was like the Perchinator,  every cast produced another one, we laughed well at least I laughed.


We moved up the river and Adam was on fire taking most everything in front of him Grayling, Trout and the Perch of course! I was getting a few of the Grayling on the far side where the river had not been raped by Stafford…lol. Considering the depth of the river and the strength of the flow it was fishing extremely well. Adam had caught one of the red tagged fish denoting that it had been stocked this year and a hat full of grayling. We had reached the end of the wading section and crossed the field to have a look at the section running up to the road bridge. The water here is much deeper and holds a better stamp of fish. Adam was keen to fish in a deep hole by the old bridge, I thought I would check my phone. Ah where was my phone, in my jacket which I had taken off to answer the call of nature about half a mile back. **ckity **ck **ck the two anglers that I passed while running back to collect it must have thought I was barking, just going for a jog in waders! Note to self you need to start running again you old fat git!


Phone retrieved and back with Adam I was relieved to see that Trump had not bombed Northern Korea while I was without my phone. Adam had picked up a couple of nice Grayling from the deep hole and we decided to wander up the bank a bit. While chatting our attention was grabbed by some calamity in the surface of the river as a couple of trout up on dries where smashing it. We couldn’t see what they were hitting but I stuck on big sedge to see if I could tempt them. The wind was horrible and any notion of accurate casting had literally gone with the wind. No joy I switched to an emerger and immediately got nothing! Not even a swirl, time to move on. We had to go and get a bite to eat and walked past a lot of good looking water but I was keen to show Adam the whole beat.

Fed and watered we made the hike down to the bottom of the beat, it sees little foot fall as it is a decent hike. There is a little hole here that sometimes can give up a decent fish or two so I set Adam to have a go while I got the camera ready. The honey pot didn’t disappoint and Adam got into several good fish before it started to dry up. I said, jokingly to Adam that I would pack the camera away and that this always brings out the big uns. No sooner had I zipped the bag shut than Adams rod buckled over it was a good fish and it ran him ragged round the pool nearly making it under the bridge. After the fight and the fish was safely in the net it was plain to see Adam was buzzing I was really chuffed myself.


We wandered back up the river chatting dipping in occasionally walking past some stunning water but the beat is so large you could not possibly fish it all in a day. We soon ended up back at the bridge with a deep hole that holds lots of good fish but they are notoriously hard to tempt. We did manage a few nothing really big, I caught and released another one of the red tagged stocked fish and decided that this was great way to finish the day.
It was really good to catch up with Adam a guy with a real passion for angling it had been too long. I need to put the river kit down now with a spate of Loch Style fishing starting this weekend I need to get my comp head back on!