River Avon (West Amesbury) 07 Aug 2017

This will have been our third trip out this season, the other two sessions were nothing short of outstanding! Ian Pinder is like my lucky charm we have enjoyed fantastic sport on Rutland water but now we were heading to the River. I had nipped to the Stonehenge beat (River Avon) after work on the Friday and it was fishing its head off so I expected great things from Mondays trip out. We met up at the Solstice services for a McDonalds, breakfast of champions before tootling down to the river.


We set up in the rec car park and we went through Ian’s gear the box of flies he produced made me smile and when he asked what I thought I replied had he brought some petrol and a lighter! I soon sorted him out with some flies that he exclaimed he couldn’t see let alone tie on but I assured him these would work. As we walked down to the river it was a nice morning with overcast conditions, the river looked in fine form and was as clear as I have seen it this year. It was warm enough but there was the promise of some rain later in the day.

I gave Ian a quick demo and explained the importance of trying not to disturb the water while wading. He took to it like a duck to water and soon enough there was a queue of grayling taking turns to visit Ian’s net.  I had decided to stay close by and fish up behind Ian, the river is fairly wide at the wading section and there was plenty water left to cover. The Grayling though not the biggest you can encounter were providing great sport on the light tackle. After a couple of hours we decided to move up towards the top of the beat.


Ian had found a few rising fish to have a go at and I moved up to the very top where the bridge is and after seeing what I thought was a good fish I covered it with a sedge pattern that was immediately engulfed and taken clean off my line. After much cursing and berating myself for not scaling up my tippet I eventually set up again and tried the next archway of the bridge. Getting the cast right was not easy and after several failed attempts I eventually got it just right and was rewarded with a cracking brown trout.

At lunch we sat on the benches by the park and chatted about fishing and life in general, I planned to take us to the very bottom of the beat and fish up. It looked like rain was imminent so I put my jacket on, this was a mistake however. By the time I had reached the bottom of the beat I was sweating like a fat kid near ice-cream.  The jacket was soon removed and stuffed into the back pouch of my rig. There was another Angler from the piscatorial club fishing just the other side of where the two clubs waters meet. Ian and I started to fish back up the beat, Ian scoring well with one of his own #14 shrimp patterns, he graciously offered me one but I politely declined….PMSL.

There are a few more wild Brown trout in this section of the river and they are stunning little fish to catch. Pound for pound they give a really good account of themselves and I managed a few to the net. The Grayling were off course providing the bulk of the sport and they continued to come in good numbers. It had been a long and productive day and the river was starting to get a little busy with anglers down to catch the last few hours of light. We finished our day up at the plunge pool were many fish could be seen in the depths but despite numerous changes of fly they could not be tempted.

Ian assured me that he had really enjoyed the day and I think he may well have fallen for the river fishing. I will try and tempt him back again in a few months when the Grayling are really on the go! Quick turnaround for me and off up to Rutland tomorow whoop whoop!