River Dee 13-14 Aug 2012

The River Dee, I have fished this river a hand full of times but always in the winter for the Grayling. My good lady had given me a free pass narrowly avoiding the trip to Alton Towers, so the Ribble or the Dee? As I knew a small bit about the Dee and gleaned a bit of up to date info from the FF Forum the decision was easy. I picked my ticket up from the ironmongers and got Thursdays tickets for Jamie and I. By 0900hrs I was in the car park at Llangollen Golf course, tackling up and passing the time of day with some local golfers. I opted for an 11’ for a 3# and initially set up with nymphs. As I walked downstream one eye on the river I noticed the odd fish rising, they looked like small brownies. The river was much lower than I am used to seeing it and I was thinking that the nymph fishing may be a little ambitious. Once I arrived at my start point I changed my rig to my favorite method Duo, a balloon caddis as the dry fly with a copper head Mary size 16 2’ behind it. The Dee trout then gave me a lesson in haste the takes were like lightning and I missed a good half dozen before by some fluke one decided to eat my nymph as I was moving upstream. Ah well at least it was a start, half an hour in and I have now managed three of these little fish to the net. The next fish though was a

I got back to the car through the barrage of golf balls and fell on my lunch. I did consider jumping in the car and moving but thought better of it, so after lunch, I went to the old footbridge at the bottom of the golf course and fished up. Not so good in the afternoon though just one grayling and one brownie, but I figured I had my fair share. Roll on Thursday.

 Well day two on the Dee, I had been in Leeds the day before visiting family, on the way back across the M62 the rain was torrential. I received a text from my fishing partner asking if the rain would hamper the fishing. I replied that we should be alright, I did have my fingers crossed mind.

 We met up at the Golf Course car park and rigged up Jamie is an experienced all-around angler so tackling the Dee would not be a problem. Jamie is a fellow Soldier Palmer but we have yet to share a boat. As we approached the river I could see right away that the water was up considerably from my previous visit. Not only this but the water was also carrying a lot of color, in fact, you would have more luck trying to see into a lump of coal. Anyway, unabated we walked downstream about a mile with the intention of fishing up. Jamie only had thigh waders so I left him on the nearside bank and made the perilous trip across to the other bank (must remember wading staff next time). Having got across mostly without incident I was really worried that it would not fish.

 How wrong could I have been it fished its socks of, across the water I could hear Jamie getting the Dee trout lesson, the takes are very quick and you have to be ready. I was catching a mix of par and Brownies, the Grayling were not as keen today when I did manage to get one to the net it was smaller than all the previous days Grayling but hey at least they were coming. I crossed back across and Jamie and I shared the water we mostly picked the edges all the way back up to the golf course this took till around 1230hrs. Ideal as we were near the car to go and get lunch. I had had the best part of 30 fish with 3 Grayling.  A good morning work and I was looking forward to the afternoon session.

 We had intended to just fish upstream from the car but it did not look good, we toyed with the idea of moving to a different stretch but in the end opted to back over the water we had already fished. Not ideal but the river was dropping away fairly fast so we would be able to access water that we had not fished in the morning. That said I only managed 5-7 fish and Jamie had 7-8, not bad. As the river was dropping away I think anyone visiting tomorrow will have a great day, I hope the colour drops out and it will be perfect.