Rutland Water 02 May 2014

After a bit of a carry on with booking boats instead of Grafham Water I was winging my way to Rutland with my not so young apprentice Bob Lochinger. Bob works in the office next door to me and I have threatened taking him up to one of the big venues for a day out for some time. The weather was a little rougher than I would have liked but hey ho, we would just have to see what we could do.


I decided to take Bob up to Hideaway to try and get some shelter from the wind and we were into action fairly quickly picking up a really nice silvered up fish around 3lb. There were plenty of anglers about and Green Bank was well attended with a smattering of anchored boats to boot. We worked our way down the leeward bank for only a couple of other fish. Bob had yet to catch a fish, so with only a few hours left it was off to Barnsdale Creek to try and break the duck. It was fairly evident that there was plenty fish here as the boats were anchored all the way up the tree line. I squeezed us in up by the bird hide and fish a started coming but not for Bob. Suddenly I heard a whoop and Bobs rod was bent into a fish. As I was taking some photos Bob put the rod down to pick up the landing net and in that split second the fish was off. We did not have to wait long though as like busses another one was along shortly. This time there was no mistake and Bob got his hands on his first Rutland fish!