So, you want to be a Fly Fishing Guide?

In this Vlog I share a day afloat with professional Fly Fishing Guide Tim Joyce. You can find his website at this link Although Tim started Flyfishing Essex 12 years ago it is only in the last four years that he has been making a full time living from the sport. An England capped international and keen competition angler Tim fishes with the Reservoir Dogs in most major competitions. He has an easy going manner and a great sense of humour which I hope comes across in this video. You can only fit so much into a video though and I could probably write a whole article about the things we discussed. What I would say is if you want to improve an aspect of your fishing then you can't beat an investment of time on the water, there is simply no substitute. You can however make some short cuts one of those being hiring the right guide for the job. I can whole heartedly recommend Tim as not only a guide but a top quality bloke. Music:

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