Stillwater Fly Fishing Manningford Trout Lakes, Your choice Wet fly, Nymph, Lure or Dry Fly

If you love fishing there is very little that will keep you indoors when opportunity comes knocking! The weather was horrendous and for most of the day I had the fishery to myself. This is not the video I had in mind for Manningford and you are not going to see it at its best. I hope it just gives you an idea of the sport that can be had at this superb venue. I have been looking to come and do a video at Manningford for over a year but circumstances did not permit. So despite the conditions I was keen to get something done. I must apologise for the picture quality as it was almost impossible to keep water from the lens of the camera. I am certainly glad I stuck to my guns and went as the sport was amongst the best I have enjoyed this year. I caught fish on imitative patterns, lures and dry fly the fish were hard fighting in the cooler conditions and I will certainly be returning soon. How would you have tackled the water? I would be keen to know please leave a comment below. Royalty Free Music

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