Thin diameter fly lines, a review

I know they have been around for some time now and some very notable anglers have sung their praises. Not someone to miss out on some new fishing tackle I decided to bite the bullet and throw some of my hard earned sheckles at one of these lines. The choice is not exhaustible but there are certainly a few to choose from in the market place. Sunray, Rio, Hanak and several other respected manufacturers. Most of my river fishing fly lines have been Rio and I find them a joy to use, they don’t last long mind getting stood on with wading boots and studs. None the less it’s a brand I have confidence in so I opted for the Rio European Nymph line. It arrived well packaged on a plastic spool and the operation of transferring it to the reel is simple enough.
The first thing that struck me was how very thin the line was not quite the diameter of my French Leader but pretty anorexic! It’s not even the thinnest one on the market but still compared with a good old 7Wgt this was thin. The next thing is the end where you would attach your tippet is very bright orange that you should be able to see about a week away. I was quite excited to try it out, the promise was great but would it prove itself invaluable for future outings and replace my current rig of a French Leader and indicator?

When at the water the line handles teams of flies effortlessly, I was initially fishing a double nymph setup with about six feet of tippet attached directly to the fly line. I was fishing in very clear water and watched a number of Grayling come and inspect the fly my eye drawn from the orange indicator. It took a little time to get used to the large orange length of indicator, perhaps going at it with a sharpie in black banding the tip may make it easier to view. After getting a bit more used to the way the line handled I quite enjoyed using it. I can see it coming in handy when there is a bit more wind on the river and the French leader rig doesn’t cope as well.

When trying the line fish started to rise and I quickly changed to dry fly. Although this line would not replace my trusty LT line for this sort of fishing at a pinch it did a job for me. A short while later I decided to swing some wets with it which it did very well.

So in conclusion it is a welcome addition to the armoury and maybe in time it will replace my French leader set up, but not yet, maybe after a few more sessions working with it. If you have some spare fishing tackle money and its burning a hole in your pocket it would be worth giving it a go.