Troutline Tactical Perdigon Nymphing Fly Line with Colored Tip 27 Jul 2017

RRP 32.99 (Euros) £29.46

Last year I reviewed the Rio Euro Nymph fly line and my conclusion was although I liked the line I did not think it would replace my current system of a French leader. The price tag of £49.99 was not exactly winning me over either. Micro thin fly lines have been around for some time now and a few of my pals refer to them as the Emperors’ new clothes.  Preferring the much cheaper option of a French leader.  The change in FIPS Mouche rules effectively scuppering the use of French leaders over twice the length of your rod. Many competition anglers have turned their attention to these types of lines.


Here is what Troutline have to say about their product:

Troutline Tactical Perdigon Nymphing Fly Line with Coloured Tip is our newest line designed based on latest requests from FIPS Mouche competition rules. This nymphing line is very thin, has 0.8mm diameter and is very sensitive. Practically was developed for fishing with perdigon nymphs but works excellent with very small nymphs like French Nymphs.
The Troutline Tactical Perdigon Nymphing Fly Line helps the fishermen to detect any attack of the fish and is very light in the same time. 
The line has a green-olive colour to remain stealth in all kind of fishing conditions.

Technical Details:

  • special designed for perdigon nymphing style
  • can be used with very  light nymphs and small nymphs at the same time
  • will allow to cast small flies with high precision at short and medium distance
  • the fly line has a  parallel profile for a better sensitivity
  • the line has a beautiful stealth main green-olive colour with different coloured tips
  • 0.8mm diameter of the line

Tip colours:

  • white-orange tip - dedicated for spooky and very clear waters
  • white tip - dedicated for  very difficult  light conditions”

I received the one with the white tip. The line came in a little bag with a card attached with some text describing the line.
I would normally put this down to advertising blurb, but knowing how much effort Troutline put into their products and the attention to detail I took the time to read through it. Troutline is a company that cares about the end product they are selling and that’s quite refreshing.


As you can see the out of the bag the line comes loose secured with some pipe cleaner. This can be tricky to spool onto a reel and I have come of worse with other lines when doing this. I used the rolled up magazine trick and had a work colleague hold it whilst I reeled it onto a small reel I had spare.  My first impressions were that it was supple and felt nice to the touch, the white tip was bright and would be easy to spy on the water. I attached a 10’ tapered leader that I took about 2’ of the butt section leaving me with effectively an 8’ taper to a mircro ring at the tip.

When I have used this line it has been on various stretches of the River Avon which has been running low and clearish.  Using an 11’ for #3 the line casts nicely and turns over even the smallest of nymphs even down to #22 easily. The tip floats high on the surface and you get good indication from bright white tip when fishing at distance. The tip really comes into its own when under a canopy of trees it stands out really well. It fishes well at close range also although to be fair with the way the Avon is I tended to fish mostly at range.

During testing I found myself in the middle of a lot of rising fish and discarded the nymph in favour of a small dry fly.  Although unwieldy on such a long rod the line was adequate in a pinch for dry fly fishing and I did take several fish like this. Its primary use though is for fishing small nymphs and for this purpose it is ideal.

I really want to not like this line, my French leader is great and over the years it has caught me lots of fish. I have to say though I will be probably finding myself reaching for this for nymphing more often than not. It’s priced about right in comparison with the competition and I would say that it stands up against the big brand lines in quality. If you are not worried about fancy boxes and packaging it’s certainly worth a look at. Youcan check out the line at the shop here.