Why, How, When and Where to catch Spartic Trout. (A cross between an Artic Char and Brook Trout)

Everyone likes a bit of variety and while chatting to Cameron Craigs at the Grayling Classic he told me that they were just about to introduce Spartic Trout into the lakes. I have never fished for or caught a Spartic trout before. A cross between an Artic Char and Brook Trout, I was intrigued and so arranged to go and chuck some fluff at them. Albury is an excellent venue hence its huge popularity in the area. The day I went was the day before Englands second lockdown and even the day before no-one was quite sure that fishing would continue. The fishery was understandably at capacity with anglers trying to get their last fishing fix. I am pleased to say that fishing is being allowed to continue under strict guidelines. So if you would like to have a crack at these unusual and hard fighting fish then please ensure to follow the guidance laid down on the Albury Estate Website. To the fishing itself, these fish presented a real challenge and at times I was left scratching my head as to what to do. In the end though perseverance paid of and I managed to encourage a few to the net.

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